FF5-Cine Follow Focus
  • ARRI FF5
ARRI FF-5 Cine Kit Pro includes Cine Base, Focus Knob Std Left, Module Gears, Focus Knob Std Right, Focus Lever,
  • FF-5 Cine base K2.65246.0
  • Focus knob standard left K2.65253.0
  • Module gear for smaller primes 0,8 K2.47252.0
  • Module gear for larger primes 0,8 K2.47002.0
  • Focus knob standard right K2.47215.0
  • Focus lever K2.32730.0
  • Flexible shaft short K2.34100.0
  • Marking disk flat large (10x) K4.32713.0
  • 19mm bars adapter

With the ARRI Follow Focus FF5-CINE, a completely modular, film style follow focus is now available for digital productions. Designed specifically for cine-style lenses , the FF-5 CINE swing arm ensures proper gear position on the focus ring and a lower gear ratio for a more exacting focus pull on smaller diameter lenses or those with compressed focus scales.
The FF5-CINE integral snap-on mechanism locks to 15mm lightweight support rods and can be adapted to work with ARRI standard 15mm or 19mm bridgeplate support rods. ARRI Follow Focus drive gears can be attached to either side of the swing arm, allowing greater mounting flexibility.
ARRI gears are made from low friction Delrin for optimal drive smoothness and use precise self-centering stainless steel couplings to eliminate runout and wear.
For more options, the FF-5CINE is compatible with all ARRI FF-4 Follow Focus accessories.

  • Follow Focus for video and film cameras
  • Longer arm and lower gear ratio optimized for ENG lenses
  • Efficient snap-on mounting
  • Flexible mounting options:
    - snaps onto lightweight rods
    - snap-on adapter for 15 or 19mm rods
  • Compatible with FF-4 accessories
  • New quiet focus gears for ENG lenses available