• Sony Additional XLR Input
Choose the ideal microphone for your shoot with the microphone adapter kit. Attach to your camera or camcorder and enjoy

Sony XLRK2M.CE (XLRK2MCE) XLR Microphone and XLR Adaptor Kit. Enhance sound recording with the lightweight XLR-K2M Adapter Kit and Microphone. Enabling perfect directional frequency response, the adapter kit is ideal for weddings, interviews and even bird watching. The mic holder reduces vibrations, and you can easily adjust the sound to find the right settings for any event.
Gives precise control over microphone inputs and recording levels to dramatically improve sound quality on videos.

  • No batteries needed - runs on power supplied by your camera
  • Take charge with the detailed audio control settings
  • Mic holder diminishes low frequency vibration noise
  • XLR cable's two-pin shielded structure reproduces sound clearly
  • Keep it safe in the included carrying case