Sony PDW-U1


Sony PDW-U1 (PDWU1) XDCAM external USB drive for reading and writing of all supported XDCAM file-formats. The PDW-U1 is a compact, mobile and highly cost-effective drive, usable in the field or at the desktop.

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The PDW-U1 is a compact, mobile and highly cost-effective drive, usable in the field or at the desktop.

It can handle professional disc media (PFD23/PFD23A) recorded in SD or HD formats, as well as the new “dual-layer” discs (PFD50DLA). The PDW-U1 serves as an external drive via a standard USB connection.

The drive allows direct access to recorded material from either a PC or Mac based platform – and provides all the necessary drivers/utilities to enable this. XDCAM is already widely supported by many industry leading vendors and the PDW-U1 will be no exception. For example – it will be an ideal and affordable system for fast transfer of material into non-linear editors.

The PDW-U1 – the simple yet effective bridge between the camera and the PC

Standard IT interface
The PDW-U1 uses a standard USB2.0 interface – found on all the latest PC’s and Mac’s. Simply ‘plug and play’

Full XDCAM compatibility
The PDW-U1 can be used with all available XDCAM SD & HD recording formats. (DVCAM/IMX/MPEGHD)

Dual Layer Ready

The PDW-U1 houses a drive that supports current Single Layer (23GB) and future Dual layer (50GB) media
Dual layer discs will allow 3 hours of DVCAM and up to 4 hours of MPEGHD
The PDW-U1 is the most affordable deck in the XDCAM product line-up.

Easy integration with industry leading partners
The PDW-U1 will be introduced with full interoperability – with leading editing systems from companies such as Avid & Apple.

Lightweight and Portable. This unit can be used in the office or in the field

Bundled Utilities (PC & MAC)
Allowing the user to manage drive data including multi-clip access (Proxy or Hi-res) using the PC viewer.


Handles Professional Disc media (all SD & HD Codecs)
Handles new “dual layer” discs (PFD50DLA)
Connects via a high speed USB interface – compatible with PCs & Macs
Direct and multiple access to Professional disc media
Lossless and fast file transfers
Supplied software drivers and utilities for both PC and Mac platforms
Highly compact and lightweight
The most affordable member of the XDCAM product line-up


Power requirements: DC 12 V
Power consumption: 11 W
Operating temperature: 5 to 40?C (+41 to +104?F)
Storage temperature: -20 to +60?C (-4 to +140?F)
Humidity: 20 to 90% (relative humidity)
Mass: 1.4 kg (3 lb 1 oz)
Dimensions: 59 x 164 x 226 mm
(2 3?8 x 6 1?2 x 9 inches)
Interface: High-Speed USB Series B x1